Monday, June 9, 2014

Jane's 2nd Birthday

We had so much fun with Jeff's parents in town. They were able to come during Jane's birthday weekend. Even though Jeff didn't have any days off, he was on his surgery rotation the entire time they were here, we still made time to party.

It's amazing how much she has grown in one year! And yes that is the same dress. I love it too much to pack it away.

Shhh! Looking for squirrels. :)

Whoever invented the Aquadoodle deserves a medal. Drawing with water?! Now I don't have to worry about Jane drawing on the walls or sucking on markers. 

We aren't huge fans of cake around here, but we had to have a birthday cake for Jane. So we made this lemon poppy seed cake and smothered it in cream cheese, vanilla bean, lemon zest frosting. It was SO good. Unfortunately ants discovered it after the party and we had to toss most of it. Now I'm just looking for another excuse to make cake...

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Richard and Becky Curzon said...

She's so cute! and that cake looks de-lish! And i totally agree about the aquadoodle--we got kinzie one for her bday a couple months ago--best thing ever!!

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