Sunday, September 18, 2011


Here are a few highlights from our month. We have a new kitty to foster. We’re on kitten number 22 and going strong.

I made a TON of cinnamon rolls that are seriously to die for. Here’s the recipe, you won’t be disappointed.

For Labor Day we took a walk down by Lake Erie and looked for airplanes from the air show. The weather didn’t cooperate, but it was fun to feel like we were at the ocean with the huge waves.

The tree lawn fairies were good to me, and I found an end table that is in really good condition. I had to stop and think about whether I was stealing someone’s table they had sitting out in their yard. I might have left it if it wasn’t sitting next to their garbage cans. Nothing beats free furniture.

We scored some awesome tickets from a friend to go see the Cleveland Orchestra. It was at the Blossom Music Center, which has a covered pavilion and is built out in the forest. The rain, nearby crickets, and birds, accompanied Beethoven’s 9th.

During fall break we went to the temple in Columbus. Then we hit Amish country and the Smucker’s store on our way home.