Thursday, November 7, 2013

These pictures sum up the last couple months here at our house. 

Jane loves to stand on her head, color with her crayons, use her four new teeth, play in her tutu and princess dress, and scatter her Halloween candy all throughout the house. She has turned into a little tornado. She has recently learned to express her feelings of frustrations very forcefully. It's hard to believe there is so much sass in such a sweet little girl. Jeff has been busy with his rotations and writing his first app. I've been working on my art and launched my new website. Jeff's parents came to visit for a few days and Jane loved all the extra attention.

Jane is constantly surprising us with how much she is actually understanding. Jeff and I have started spelling things, but it's only a matter of time until she starts to understand those few words like B-A-T-H and W-A-L-K. No, she is not a dog. She is also quite the chatterbox and loves to talk on her phone. I just hope that's not how I sound when I'm on the phone. I'm sure it's not as cute as that.