Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Washington Trip

Jane and I flew out to Washington for a week. We had so much fun spending time with my parents, Jessica, and her kids. Jane hasn't had a lot of cousin time and loved every minute! 

I was nervous to fly on my own with Jane, but she did great! 

Eating "nack, nacks" as Macsen calls them. 

Watching puppy videos. 

Amelia happened to be in town the same week! It was so fun to catch up and have the babes meet.

We went on lots of walks to feed the horses.

But since Jeff has a severe allergy to horses (like almost dying) I wouldn't let Jane touch them yet.

The weather finally cleared up the last couples days and we spent lots of time outside. Jane discovered her two new favorite things, sidewalk chalk and trampolines. 

After watching her cousin Macsen run around the house for a few days, Jane decided it was time to start walking. 

Funniest story of the trip: My dad brought Jane and Macsen out to jump on the trampoline. He was holding onto Jane's hands and jumping while Macsen ran circles around them. It was after a nap and Jane had a very full diaper. With one big jump Jane's poopy diaper fell off and and her feet landed in it. My dad very carefully carried her off the trampoline by dangling her by her hands. Meanwhile Macsen continued to dangerously run circles around the poopy diaper. My mom hurried outside to try and stop the disaster ahead. When she tried to talk him down from the trampoline, he picked up the diaper and threw it right at her! Luckily she ducked just in time.