Saturday, April 23, 2011

Jeff's Birthday Bash

April is Jeff’s birthday month. Since we are getting too old I decided it was a good idea to have a themed birthday party complete with pirate party hats, streamers, and games. It was our friend’s birthday as well, so we surprised him and made it a combined party. We had so much fun playing pin the treasure on the map and Kinect. Can you tell? :)

April Fools' Day

This month started off with a bang on April Fools’ Day. Normally I don’t do anything too crazy, and this year wasn’t going to be any different. Except my neighbor, Beth Graham, had been plotting away weeks in advance for this very holiday. She made a copy of our key to ensure complete access to our house. Jeff and I were both gone the day before so it gave her plenty of time to set the traps.

Our day went something like this. Since it was my day off we slept in a little later than planned and Jeff rushed to get ready. The shower sprayed rainbow colors, the soap was coated in clear nail polish, shampoo bottles were all blocked with saran wrap, and the deodorant was actually cream cheese. Naturally I was the first to be blamed, but since I am not a very good liar we realized someone else had been in our house. As Jeff and I had a good laugh I yelled down the laundry shoot, “Beth! You’re in trouble!”

After I returned from dropping him off at school, I came home to find we had once again been invaded. A fake display of spilled milk on the table, balloons in the cupboard, plastic bugs spread throughout the house, syrup in the soap dispenser, and the shower filled with balloons. As I sat completely beaten, I realized I knew where Beth’s hidden key was and rushed to get into her house before she got home from play group. I ran from room to room trying to think of something horrible, but not too mean, I could do to get her back. Of course the first thought I had was fake poop. So I ran back upstairs and threw open my fridge to see what I could use to form a passable looking turd. Refried beans and breadcrumbs work quite well when molded in saran wrap. I delicately laid the log on top of her toilet seat, locked the door, and returned the key. I know it pales in comparison of Beth masterful plan, but it fooled Joshua, who is three, and Beth as well. She told me she even had to smell it to check if it was real.

Unfortunately the pranks didn’t end there. Just as I was getting into bed exhausted from a long day of cleanup and being constantly on edge, I paused to wonder what might be lurking under the covers. Luckily there were just fake bugs in our pillowcases and our bed had been short sheeted, which is a hard task to perform when your bed isn’t made. The next day as we were still recovering, a small package sat on our porch. Since our guard was down we picked it up only to have over 100 bouncy balls spill out! Turns out we missed that one the day before.

This April Fools’ was definitely a day to remember and I know that Beth is already looking forward to next year. Thanks for making it fun Beth, but I'd watch my back if I were you!