Saturday, May 22, 2010


Jeff and I went to Cleveland for a couple days to look for housing. The trip started off with an early flight to Detroit. We had some problems checking in. Somehow Jeff's ticket was corrupted in the system and it wouldn't let him check in. We waited for over half an hour at the desk and two minutes before we were locked out of our flight they had to cancel our tickets and book us completely new ones. The only seats left were in first class! Don, the man checking us in, told us we made out like bandits as he walked us to security. By the time we got to our gate they were already boarding so we walked right on. I was laughing to myself almost the whole flight. Here were Jeff and I sitting in our grubby jeans and t-shirts sitting next to these fancy business men in suits. The pampering and perks made it hard to return to reality with our connecting flight to Cleveland. Once we landed we took the shuttle to rent our cheap economy car we found on Priceline. As we walked out to the parking lot to get our car, the man next to us jumped in the last one. We asked the lady what we should do and she said to go to the next row of cars over. This is what we ended up with. We were feeling pretty lucky at this point in our trip, and a little self conscious of what the landlords would think.

Jeff and I didn't really know what to expect in Cleveland. He had only seen it on a rainy night from the window of a shuttle, and Google street view did not do it justice. It was so green there! A landlord showed us some of his properties that were for rent in the morning. None of them quite fit what were were looking for. We had an appointment in the afternoon with a lady that was renting the upstairs of her house. Her family had lived there for 20 years and only moved because they recently inherited another house. We discovered this property just a couple days before our trip from the family living on the first floor. It turned out to be just perfect for us.

Finding a place to live made the rest of the trip much more relaxing. We swam at the hotel pool, went out to eat, and visited the national park in the area. We went on a couple little hikes and were amazed with how beautiful it was.

Now that we have a place to live, the whole medical school thing is really starting to feel real. I'm sad to be leaving Utah! I'm going to miss our family, friends, and knowing my way around. I'm not very good with change. Whenever I start to second guess our decision I remember that we are doing the right thing. Everything has worked out so far and as long as we are doing what's right things will continue in that direction. I guess it is an exciting change and as everyone keeps telling me, "I will be an adventure."


Reba said...

wahoo! We're so excited for you guys!

Aaron & Adrian said...

Jamie, I just found your blog and had to add it to my reader. After all, I want to hear all about your adventures in Cleveland. :) good luck with the move!

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