Friday, April 30, 2010


Yay! We're graduates!

My parents came all the way from Washington for graduation. We had a lot of fun with them while they were here.

Jeff's parents also came to witness the event.

Sunny was one of my favorite art teachers. I took two painting classes from her.

Dr. Gray is pretty much amazing.

McCall and I showed up to class one day both dressed up like men with afros. She was Bob Ross and I was Dale Chihuly. Great minds think alike!

Some of my Art Education friends.

Jeff and I are officially graduated! I finished school last December but BYU doesn’t have any graduation ceremonies in the middle of the school year. I probably wouldn’t have even gone if Jeff hadn’t graduated in April. We planned it out to make it less painful too. I borrowed a cap and gown from a friend. Jeff got permission to walk at my convocation so that we only had to sit through one. It was also a lot smaller than his college so we cut off an extra hour there. The program started at 8 AM making it possible to beat all the traffic and miss the parking problems. All in all it was great. It was also fun to see some of my friends for the last time.

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