Monday, April 5, 2010


I got strep throat the Thursday before Easter and Conference. I blame it on those germ infested first graders I taught last week. They are so cute but they hang all over you, always touching you and pulling on you. It's funny to me because the temp agency I work through says you aren't supposed to touch the students at all. The person that made that rule obviously never taught kindergarten or first grade. Apparently an employee dislocated a shoulder from a high five so they had to crack down on the policy. I do my best but it is hard to keep those kids in their own space. I'm a little bit of a germaphobe and constantly wash my hands and even have hand sanitizer in my car. Can you blame me? Substituting means a new school every day. When I teach specialty classes, junior high, or high school I can see up to hundreds of kids in one day. That means a lot of germs. I've been really lucky so far and haven't even had a cold. I guess it was just a matter of time until I got sick. Jeff has been doing a wonderful job taking care of me. Cooking, cleaning the house, making sure I get my medicine. Today I have been feeling much better. It is still hard to swallow, which makes eating difficult, but I can talk for short periods of time without feeling like my swollen uvula is going to choke me. Last night as we were going to bed, Jeff told me he hid Cadbury eggs in the house for me to find in the morning. I was so excited! They are my all time favorite candy. I didn't even suspect a thing. I've been so out of it the past few days. Thankfully he didn't hide them too hard. Later in the day we talked about what kind of traditions our families had for Easter. I really want to make sure we have good traditions in our home that make the holiday special. I have a feeling most of them will revolve around food. But anyone that knows us could probably guess that already.

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Ceci and Steven said...

Cute Jamie! I'm excited for you to keep this one up ;) This way we'll know all about your adventures in um, was it Ohio? Haha.
And I'm glad you're feeling better! Love ya!

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