Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Summer 2014

Jeff decided to take a month-long reading elective to study for the boards and then two weeks of vacation this summer. Since he could study anywhere, we planned one big trip out west. We spent the first few weeks in Washington and the last two in Utah. It was so much fun to see everyone! Jane loved all the cousin time and I can't believe how much she grew up while we were away. Since this baby boy is due just a few weeks before Christmas, and we will be staying in Cleveland, we had to make our trip count.

The weather was beautiful in Washington. Because of the heat wave we spent a lot of time out on the boat.

Jane and Macsen were so funny together. Half the time they were fighting over something and the other half they were getting into trouble. Most of their interactions included the phrase, "I NEED that! I NEED that!"

Jane got a little jealous of Jeff carrying baby Jensen around and insisted on a turn in the baby carrier. It wasn't quite what she hoped for.

One of the kids favorite games. When they weren't terrorizing Barry puppy, feeding him snacks, or chasing him around, they were playing in his kennel.

Snoqualmie Falls!

We picked blackberries down the road and made a blackberry sauce. Add some vanilla ice cream and homemade streusel and you have the perfect summer dessert. 

After a month in Washington we drove out to Utah. Jane did surprisingly well in the car for waking up at 6:00 am and only sleeping an hour along the way.

We even got to see Beth and her kids while we were in Utah. 

Jane loved being around all her cousins!

Nicole gave Jane an Elsa braid. 

The Bean Museum was a big hit with these kids!

Jane got the second haircut of her life by Nicole and she cried through the whole thing. But it looks so much better now.

Nicole cut 10 inches off of my hair. I love it! 

Looking for snails. 

For Jackie's birthday we celebrated with a girls night out. Dinner and a Comedy Sportz improv workshop. 

Jane LOVED flying on the plane. She even got her own seat which made the flight way more comfortable for me and my big belly. As you can see she was very concerned with "Bunnykin's" safety.  

 By the time we made it home we spent the next couple weeks getting over the colds we picked up while in Utah. I spent a bit longer in my recovery and ended up with a sinus infection and pink eye.

We are happy to be home and can't wait to meet this little boy in just a couple months! Here's a picture of me at 31 weeks. I'm huge!


lindsay said...

Next time you are in WA let us know! Jane is a doll and you look so cute pregnant!

Beth said...

Ha ha! Great pictures. Sad to hear about your sinus infection/pink eye. It's so not cool when pregnant ladies get sick. As if you don't have enough going on!
P.S. I need to get those pictures from you of your visit. They're great!

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