Saturday, December 14, 2013

November December 2013

Life has been pretty great at the Clark home. My parents were able to come for two weeks over Thanksgiving. Jane was spoiled to pieces and loved having her grandma and grandpa here. 

We had our ward Christmas party and Jane was terrified of Santa. It wasn't much of a surprise since nursery has been unsuccessful so far. Stranger danger is at its high.

We've been getting a lot of snow the past few days and Jane loves it! At least for a few minutes. Then she climbs the stairs to the front door and waits for us.

While my mom was here we finished decorating Jane's room. My mom is a great seamstress and made her curtains and a crib skirt. 

The gallery wall is filled with photographs and pictures I drew of dogs and bunnies (Jane's favorite). Usually after a nap Jane insists on visiting the pictures and identify the dogs by pointing and panting. Then she holds her bunny up to the pictures of the bunnies and makes them kiss.

While I still have to finish painting her dresser and have plans for another photo collage, I'll call it good for now.


Adrian said...

Jane is so cute! I love the mix of your illustrations and photos of her in the gallery wall too.

Beth said...

Whoa!! Jane doesn't look like a baby anymore! She looks like a little girl. What a little beauty. And the room is darling. The rocker looks great in there :)

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