Friday, May 24, 2013

Jane's Birthday

Jeff had some meetings in D.C. the week before Jane's birthday so we decided to make a trip out of it. We were able to stay with Jeff's sister and her family for a few days. By chance, Jeff's other sister and family were flying in from Utah to visit the same week. Jane LOVED seeing her cousins. The best game they played was probably taking turns pushing Jane and her eight-month old cousin, Evan, in a doll stroller. Jane even got in on the fun and pushed Evan around. 

We decided to celebrate Jane's birthday a week early and she didn't object. I've always loved the cake smash tradition on a baby's first birthday and I couldn't wait to see what Jane would do. Everything she does is so dainty and delicate even when she's making a mess. 


We went to Moira's Kindergarten "Barnyard Moosical." 

Nicole was nice enough to give haircuts even on her vacation. She cut my hair (a whole seven inches!) and gave Jane her first hair cut. I was a little sad to see her baby hair go, but I LOVE how it turned out. 

Jane tasting the cupcake she decorated for me for Mother's Day.

Before we left to drive back to Pittsburgh, we had to get a cousins picture. 

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Beth said...

Wonderful pictures, Jamie! Except you didn't post one of your hair...I want to see.

Man, I wish I had a sister who cut hair. Rosie is in serious need of a haircut. She looks like a wild woman :D

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