Monday, January 14, 2013

The Holidays

We had a great time with family the last couple of months. It was so fun for Jane to finally meet everyone! For Thanksgiving we drove out to visit the Ortons in Arlington. Jeff had a conference in D.C. earlier in November so we all went and made it a vacation. Rebekah and Christopher were so nice to have us twice in one month. The weather was great for November and all the leaves were changing colors. We went for walks, visited the Natural History Museum, Air and Space Museum, the Museum of Art, walked the Mall, and the National Cemetery. My favorite part was probably how much Jane enjoyed the Air and Space Museum. She loved the big open spaces and since she has an obsession with fans, the hundreds of propellers were a big hit.

Christmas did not disappoint this year. We flew out to Utah and were able to spend a week with each side of our families  We even made it in time for a wedding, baby blessing, and Jackie's mission farewell. Jane was a great traveler and enjoyed all our outings. We went to the BYU Museum of Art, bowling, shopping, the temple, played tons of games, went to Cam and Britt's soccer game, a BYU basketball game, and ate way too much good food.

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Jess said...

It WAS fun and I miss you guys now!

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