Thursday, December 2, 2010


Jeff and I were able to drive down to Kentucky to spend Thanksgiving with Aaron and Brynn. The traffic was terrible heading out there and took us 8 hours, but it was definitely worth it. We had so much fun playing with Samantha and meeting Miranda. The food was great and we had more than enough pies. I even got my banana cream pie for dessert, after dinner snack, and breakfast. Thanks Brynn!

We went to the Louisville Temple with Aaron on Black Friday. It is almost exactly like the Columbus Temple. Unfortunately, Jeff had to get home to study so we could only stay for a day. Thanks for the fun time Aaron and Brynn!


Kate said...

Hooray for Black Friday temple going. Dave and I did the same thing (you and I are still of the same mind). And those babies are beautiful! I'm glad you had such a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Miss you.

Aaron said...

Thanks for coming to visit! It was so fun to see you and to meet Jeff!


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